Postdoc @ Environmental Intelligence Lab, Politecnico di Milano

Visiting postdoc @ Natural Capital Project, Stanford University


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2022 - PhD in Information Technology @ Politecnico di Milano

  • Dissertation: “Decision-making under uncertainty for complex socio-environmental systems”

2018 - MS in Environmental Engineering @ Politecnico di Milano

2015 - BS in Environmental Engineering @ Politecnico di Milano


Multi-objective adaptive decision-making for climate policy

I am interested in improving decision-making support systems in this context using:

  • stochastic models
  • multi-objective optimization
  • evolutionary algorithms
  • optimal control
  • decision-making under deep uncertainty methods

Low-carbon energy systems

  • Life-cycle GHG emissions impact on power system planning
  • Integrated modelling of regional energy and water systems for:
    • joint optimization of planning and operations
    • impact and vulnerability assessment of electricity systems under climate change
  • Strategic dam planning, also using robust optimization

Other research interests:

  • Water resources systems modelling and simulation
  • Limnology

Other experience

I worked for two summers as an intern/researcher at EPFL & Eawag studying the bacterial layer in lake Cadagno, Switzerland.
The field campaigns resulted in a publicly available dataset which has been used in a number of studies.

Cadagno-work Cadagno